Woman thrown into pool while trying to break up party

05/10/2017 03:00 | NaN

Woman thrown into pool while trying to break up party

In the teen's arrest report, an officer said "the victim was frightened and upset and sustained injuries to her leg and shoulder as a result of the incident".

Then the teen in a red shirt picks James off the ground and they both fall to the ground.

An elderly woman was body-slammed and thrown into a swimming pool after asking a group of rowdy youngsters to quiet down.

"Kids are kids, no matter what". An estimated 200 people were attending the party, majority kids. "They helped me find my dogs", said James.

The website reports that she is now in stable condition and that police are investigating the incident.

A viral video of the attack shows James, with two dogs in tow, confronting several teens in bathing suits, many of them mocking her and documenting her every move with their camera phones.

The woman, who is with her two dogs, wearing running sneakers, blue shorts, and a tank top, can be seen addressing the crowd.

The officer also noted that James' cell phone and alarm key were damaged when she was thrown in the water.

"I've been fine, you just work through everything, you don't let the past hold you down", she said. "The kid just has not evolved yet into what you're supposed to be as a human being".

The teen, accompanied by his mother, turned himself in after the incident.

The young suspect now faces a battery charge and was booked into a Broward County jail for minors.

Paramedics with North Lauderdale Fire Rescue examined James at the scene.

Some residents at the apartment complex said they were shocked by what they saw on the video. "No one should ever, ever have to go through that".

"First of all, I can't even believe that somebody would be allowed to act like that", said Tracy Ann Simmonds. He is expected back in court June 5.

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