Teal Pumpkin Project Promotes Allergy-Friendly Trick-or-Treating

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Teal Pumpkin Project Promotes Allergy-Friendly Trick-or-Treating

Allergies can make Halloween a tough time for kids who are lactose intolerant or allergic to nuts. She hopes to spread awareness about FARE during the Halloween season to help those kids with food challenges.

Home participating will have a teal pumpkin on the porch indicating non-food treats, such as bubbles, pencils, and stickers.

To show you have more to offer than candy on trick-or-treat night, leave a teal-colored pumpkin outside your house. "I thought that was just really sad", Hernandez said.

"Checking labels becomes very pivotal because during the holidays, including Halloween, when the manufacturers make those mini small-sized sweets and they're often mass-produced on shared equipment", says Mireille Schwartz, the founder and CEO of the Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board. The campaign was inspired by a local awareness activity conceived by Becky Basalone and run by the Food Allergy Community of East Tennessee.

"Once we can shine a light on the fact that even though this is invisible and this child with allergies looks like every other child, to know that child is going home and dumping out their candy or giving it back-they're trading it for money or safe toys because they know they can't have anything", says Clowes.

"It's grown like insane", he said. Food allergies can be life-threatening, and they affect 1 in 13 children in the United States.

Like most kids, Elijah Norris has his costume picked out for Halloween, but unlike most kids, he won't be trick-or-treating for candy.

Due to the serious effects that can arise from food allergies, Guerrera feels this is an important cause.

"These children should have a great Halloween too".

The Teal Pumpkin Project is working to make the holiday fun for all children.

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