Ontario accelerating 2nd COVID-19 vaccine doses in hotspot areas

06/11/2021 03:00 | NaN

Ontario accelerating 2nd COVID-19 vaccine doses in hotspot areas

Health officials say strong monitoring will be critical in controlling the pandemic going forward.

According to the modelling, cases should continue to decline for at least the next 10 days in Ontario.

"The Delta variant is more transmissible and may be more unsafe", the modelling documents say.

Since May 24, only two public health units, Porcupine and Thunder Bay, have seen an increase in reported COVID-19 cases.

A second dose of the vaccine adds 50 per cent effectiveness, officials said.

The data also shows testing numbers have dropped.

"With an increased supply of vaccines, we continue to make it easier than ever to receive a vaccine to help protect those most at risk against COVID-19 variants, stop the spread and protect our hospital capacity", said Minister of Health Christine Elliott.

As for hospitals, normal operations could resume by mid-July with the modelling predicting fewer than 200 patients in the ICU by then. "Our ICUs still have more COVID-19 patients than they did at the peak of the second wave and the delta variant, the variant that hit India so hard, is here and is on track to be the dominant form of the virus this summer but we believe we can control it with the right action".

"This is not a doomsday scenario".

Toronto just might get its two-dose summer after all, thanks to the Ontario government's increasingly speedy rollout of COVID vaccines (and a localized spike in cases caused by the aggressive Delta variant).

The province says residents who live in seven hot spots and got their first dose on or before May 9 can now book an accelerated second shot as of Monday.

"Our rate is higher than Toronto, meaning we are having more spread or cases for the size of our population", said Dr. Emili.

"Increasing vaccination from about 140,000 vaccines a day to about 180,000 vaccines a day does lower any curve that we look at", Dr.

As of today, the province's public health units, mass vaccination clinics, hospital sites, pharmacies, and physicians are reporting more than 10.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered.

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