Nigeria reports chloroquine poisonings after Trump commentsNigeria

03/24/2020 04:00 | NaN

Nigeria reports chloroquine poisonings after Trump commentsNigeria

After president's remarks, the FDA issued a statement clarifying that it is "investigating" chloroquine as a possible coronavirus treatment but has not yet approved the drug for that objective.

Clinical trials on about 130 patients demonstrated the drug's ability to reduce the severity of the illness and speed up virus clearance, according to China's Ministry of Sciences and Technology. I, on the other side, have said I do not disagree with the fact anecdotally they might work, but my job is to prove definitively, from a scientific standpoint, that they do work.

Meanwhile, scientists have said other treatments could greatly improve outcomes for Covid-19 patients - and they could be available within weeks.

Chloroquine has been used to treat malaria in parts of Africa where the disease is endemic.

The medical body's National Task Force for the coronavirus, however, warned that the measure must not instil a "sense of false security" and urged all individuals to continue taking all preventive measures and practise social distancing to avoid getting infected. The brand new research raises the chance that this facet impact may turn into an antiviral therapy. At the end of the trial, all six patients treated with the combination tested negative for the virus after six days. "Just a feeling", he said at the daily update on the outbreak. The World Health Organization's large worldwide SOLIDARITY trial will look at these two drugs along with Kaletra (alone or in combination with interferon-beta) and Gilead Sciences' experimental antiviral remdesivir.

Though small, researchers and virologists in France have completed a clinical trial investigating the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

He explained that because multiple small trials of the coronavirus vaccine with different methodologies may not provide the evidence needed, World Health Organization and partners are organizing a study to compare untested treatments throughout several countries.

"This is prescribed for many years for people to combat malaria, which was a big problem and it's very effective", Trump said. Generic chloroquine is widely available, sometimes without a prescription, in developing countries. "Second, it is recommended only for persons staying and caring for a household positive patient, then they can take hydroxychloroquine, only for prevention, only in these two circumstances", he said. Without medical supervision you could do yourself a lot of harm.

The FDA immediately issued a statement following the briefing to correct Trump's comments saying it had not approved the use of chloroquine to fight against Covid-19 and that studies regarding its effectiveness against the disease were still happening.

"This threatens to cause a shortage of the drug for people it's actually indicated for, while putting others at risk who may get no benefits", Richard Jefferys of the Treatment Action Group told POZ.

When it comes to Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, the "WHO scientific panel designing SOLIDARITY had originally made a decision to leave the duo out of the trial but had a change of heart at a meeting in Geneva on 13 March, because the drugs "received significant attention" in many countries".

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