Coronavirus to deliver big hit to China's economy, says Xi

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Coronavirus to deliver big hit to China's economy, says Xi

A government worker gathers medicines for residents due to lockdowns in Wuhan on Feb 21.

The man, only identified by his family name, Jiang, on January 24 drove his vehicle back to Shennongjia, in northwestern Hubei, from eastern Ezhou, where he had close contact with his sister, who had been infected, according to the government website of Hubei, the virus epicentre.

The city of 11 million has been under lockdown since Jan 23 after authorities shut down transport links into and out of the city in an effort to contain the new coronavirus outbreak.

The decision comes as the official number of new cases has been in the hundreds for the past five days, after being in quadruple digits every day for weeks.

While China has been praised by the World Health Organization for its handling of the epidemic this time, the death of whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang, who was reprimanded for warning about the virus, sparked calls for political reform and freedom of speech in the country.

Among the deaths, 106 were from the Hubei Province, the epicentre of the virus, one each from Hebei province, Shanghai and Xinjiang, it said.

The Covid-19 disease has killed almost 2,600 people and infected some 77,000 in China.

Over in China, the total number of deaths caused by the coronavirus outbreak is now more than 2,300. The overall confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland has reached 77,150 with a total of 2,592 fatalities by the end of Sunday, the NHC said.

Hundreds of foreign nationals have been airlifted from Wuhan back to their countries by several governments including the United States, France and Britain.

Another 620 new suspected cases were reported Sunday, said the commission.

However, China's neighbor Myanmar has yet to report any cases.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told media in Geneva on Friday that the WHO-led team of worldwide experts, now in China to investigate the coronavirus outbreak, will travel Wuhan on Saturday.

However, the team was finally given permission to visit Wuhan by the Chinese government.

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