CDC Estimates Over a Third of COVID-19 Patients Are Asymptomatic

05/23/2020 03:00 | NaN

CDC Estimates Over a Third of COVID-19 Patients Are Asymptomatic

For everyone who has been wiping down everything from groceries, amazon parcels, to food packages amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) now announced that the deadly novel coronavirus "does not spread easily from touching surfaces or objects".

Even if touching surfaces is not the main way the virus spreads, the CDC said everyone should still wash their hands regularly and "routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces".

However, according to Yahoo, the study was not yet peer-reviewed at that time.

Other ways the virus doesn't easily spread is from animals to people or people to animals, the CDC's updated webpage states.

Its guidelines now include a section on ways the virus doesn't easily spread - including from touching surfaces or objects.

The CDC also challenged the general perception that the virus can easily spread from animals to people.

When infected people talk, cough or sneeze, they produce respiratory droplets that travel through the air around them. "COVID-19 spreads mainly through close contact from person to person".

"The virus is thought to spread mainly from person to person".

Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).

This came after a top virologist found no evidence the virus could live on surfaces. There is no clarity as to when the agency made changes to the guidelines.

However people should remain cautious as transmission from contaminated surfaces "may still be possible" as scientists work to discover more about how the virus spreads, the CDC warns.

The new guidance, which the agency says is "designed to help inform decisions by modelers and public health officials who utilize mathematical modeling", lists five scenarios and notes scenario five, which has 35 percent of COVID-19 patients as asymptomatic, as its "current best estimate".

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