Cam Newton Responds to Criticism Following Super Bowl Press Conference

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Cam Newton Responds to Criticism Following Super Bowl Press Conference

Newtons 58-year-old father, also called Big Cam, is thought to have been arrested at his home.

Rivera suggested in the future Newton may need more time before addressing the media to get his emotions in check. Yet, in this, Cam also said that he doesn't take losses well - especially when there's so much on the line and so much invested. But the former coach, who was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, did share what it was like watching Manning win his second Super Bowl and what Manning told him after the game. "We brought blankets for Grandma", Amanda Ayce said. "I'm sure he'll sit down with his family". Quite honestly if he is going to take it hard, as a public service, we should avoid having him talk right away. "There's no timeline for that right now". But, once again, we all know what he's thinking.

Manning still has a year remaining on his 2012 contract.

If he's still on the roster on March 9, the Broncos will have to pay him his $19 million salary. They know what's real.

However, it turns out, the contract included a way for Manning to earn that $4 million back.

"It's a hard time, winning the Super Bowl or losing the Super Bowl", Archie Manning said.

All things considered, Newton should have handled himself better but it's not an indictment on Newton's character or maturity that he didn't handle himself in a graceful manner following a loss.

"We brought our mats".

The agony of Sunday's Super Bowl loss followed the Panthers from Santa Clara, Calif., back to Charlotte, where they closed their 17-2 season with one last team meeting and a few more media obligations. "As those things come along later in life for me, I'll try to handle them and try to have a good plan". A pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself. I know what I'm capable of, and I know where I'm going. We can't definitively state whether race played a role this time around.

Though he was torn about his Super Bowl pick, that wasn't the case for his co-star, actor-comedian T.J. Miller.

The team does have a franchise-player tag that they could use to keep him off the market, a tactic they have used in the past for Ryan Clady, Matt Prater, and Demaryius Thomas. "Plain and simple. I want players when the game is over crawling into the locker room".

Miller and Elway have both said that they believe talks between the two will be easy and "peaceful".

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