Burger King Plans To Roll Out Impossible Whopper Nationally

05/03/2019 03:00 | 1

Burger King Plans To Roll Out Impossible Whopper Nationally

This decision could have significant implications for the environment and our health, as producing meat requires a lot of water and land and emits tons of fossil fuel emissions.

Burger King is launching the Real Meals in partnership with Mental Health America, a community-based nonprofit that addresses that needs of people living with mental illness, and promotes mental health for all Americans.

The Burger King website lists its regular Whopper as containing 660 calories, while the Impossible patty packs in about 240 calories, with eight grams of fat, 370mg sodium and 19g protein, obtained from a soy-protein concentrate. "And based on guest reaction, we made a decision to advance our plans to expand the Impossible Whopper to select new markets this summer", said Cil to Engadget. The company said it may expand sales nationally by the end of this year.

The move comes as Burger King wants to give the consumers more balance in their diet.

The new Impossible Whopper is a plant-based version of the brand's iconic Whopper sandwich, and has no beef.

Frank will work closely with Burger King UK's social and digital agency, Coolr, and ad agency BBH on the integrated account.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month - which is celebrated in May - Burger King is now offering Real Meals, a collection of meals for all of your moods.

For now, we can confirm that limited-edition Real Meals will be available at select locations throughout May in the US.

Chris Finazzo said during an earnings conference call that customers were being attracted by the Impossible Whopper. 5,000 restaurants in the country already have the Impossible Burger on their menus, such as Red Robin and White Castle.

A plant-based burger (left) and a beef burger (right).

According to a CNN Business article, the global market for meat substitutes will grow to $6.4 billion by 2023. "It's as juicy, craveable and delicious as the original", the company said in a statement.

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