BC CDC warns of measles outbreak in Washington State

01/29/2019 04:00 | NaN

One case has been confirmed in King County, where Seattle is located. State agencies and departments are directed to utilize state resources and to do everything reasonably possible to assist affected political subdivisions in an effort to respond to and recover from the incidents. Of the 31 cases, 21 are children between the ages of 1 and 10 years old.

Susceptible Clark County and OR locations include schools in Battle Ground and Vancouver, Portland International Airport and a number of churches.

Health officials in southwestern Idaho are warning medical care providers to be on the lookout for symptoms of measles because of an outbreak in western Washington that has sickened at least 26 people.

But there has been a recent rise in unvaccinated children.

This is the first confirmed case of measles in Oregon.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency Friday after dozens came down with the highly infectious disease in Washington's southernmost county.

The county released a list of public places where infected children visited, which included several schools and churches, the Portland, Oregon airport and a Costco.

The disease was declared eliminated in the U.S. in 2000 but has since made a comeback that is tied to imported cases and the rise of the anti-vaccine movement.

Before the vaccine, 400 to 500 people died from the measles each year, 50,000 people were hospitalized and 4,000 people developed brain swelling that can cause deafness, he said.

The outbreak began near Portland, Oregon, at the start of the year and quickly spread to nearby Clark County and King County, both in Washington. The CDC says in the province children receive two doses of measles-containing vaccine during routine immunization. The measles vaccine consists of two shots, one given by age 2 and the second usually between ages 4 and 6.

Officials have identified several locations in Auburn, Kent and Covington, including two crowded high school basketball games at Kentlake High School on January 10 and 12, visited by the infected person last week. One dose of the measles vaccine is about 93 percent effective at preventing measles.

Ninety percent of people exposed to measles who have not been vaccinated will get it, public health officials said.

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