8,400 Californians Being Monitored for Coronavirus — Newsom

02/28/2020 04:00 | 3

8,400 Californians Being Monitored for Coronavirus — Newsom

The Washington Post first reported the case Wednesday afternoon, the 60th case in the United States, 45 of which are connected to the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Newsom said the state expected that the virus would transmit within the community.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an infographic which shows how different facial styles can prevent face masks and respirators from sealing against the face thereby putting you at risk of coronavirus.

The three people live in Kearney Hall on the UC Davis main campus.

Without widescale testing, she says, there's no way to know if the virus is spreading silently.

"The thing that would immediately make all of us uneasy is if this person has no direct contact with someone who comes from an affected country", said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University.

CapRadio provides a trusted source of news because of you. "So anybody who's exposed is at high risk of getting infected with this".

As of now, there have been 60 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the us, although no deaths have been recorded thus far.

How the person acquired the respiratory disease is unknown. A number of the earlier cases have been in California, including among some of the people taken to Travis and one in which a traveler who returned to San Benito County spread it to a spouse.

California health officials have 200 testing kits on hand and will be receiving more next week, according to Newsom.

The hospital asked the CDC to test for the coronavirus but testing was delayed until Sunday "since the patient did not fit the existing CDC criteria for COVID-19", the memo said. Although a dozen states are capable of testing for coronavirus infection, confirmatory tests must still be done by the C.D.C., a process that can take days.

The CDC said the case "was detected through the USA public health system - picked up by astute clinicians". "From [the] patient's arrival in the emergency department, until the transfer to UC Davis Medical Center, we promptly identified these employees". The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disclosed the latest case Wednesday evening, as President Trump assigned Vice President Pence to lead the administration's response to the disease.

The individual had no known exposure to the virus through travel or close contact with a known infected individual. "It doesn't mean we're going to panic". Who all do we need to be testing for coronavirus? She arrived at that hospital on February 15 with flu-like symptoms. Providence St. Joseph Health operates 51 hospitals and more than 1,000 clinics across the country.

The state of California, however, called the case its first instance of community transmission. Today the CDC confirmed the patient's test was positive.

She said the CDC wants people to understand their lives may be disrupted.

"We are asking the American public to work with us to prepare, in the expectation that this could be bad".

"Just as when a health care worker has a small chance of exposure to other illnesses, such as TB or pertussis, we are following standard CDC protocols for determination of exposure and surveillance".

She said the House would put forward a "funding package with transparency and accountability that fully addresses the scale and seriousness of this public health crisis".

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