Bad Breath Problems

To help your breath stay fresh you have to practice good oral hygiene. Daily teeth brushing helps in getting rid of food bits that attract bacteria and lead to the bad breath (halitosis).

Halitosis can be caused by gum disease, certain food (onions, coffee), dry mouth, smoking, medical conditions (bronchitis, diabetes, digestive problems, liver disease, etc.). Bad breath may be caused by a complex problem and only a professional dentist can help you with the solution. If your mouth is healthy, a dentist may refer you for a medical evaluation.

To help your breath stay fresh it might be a good option to use mouthwash. They suppress bad breath, diminish bacteria in the mouth, leave a pleasant taste and some of them help in preventing cavities and plaque buildup. However some of the mouth rinses contain high levels of alcohol, so you should consult with your dentist before using them. And you definitely should consult the dentist if you feel a burning sensation in your mouth (especially in the gums or teeth) after using it.